The Lifecycle Program Management, Engineering & Logistics Solutions Group provides full lifecycle engineering support to government and commercial customers. From advanced C4ISR to materials science, from aircraft to terrestrial combat tactical vehicles, our engineers develop solutions for the most demanding program and technical issues. We support the advanced engineering and rapid capability insertion that saves lives and provides customers with the capabilities required for mission success.

Areas of Expertise

  • Engineering Systems Development, Integration, Test & Deployment

    Engineering Systems Development, Integration, Test & Deployment

    CDS2 provides full lifecycle engineering support for government and commercial customers—development, integration, test, and deployment. With a breadth of expertise in mechanical and electronic systems, we manage interfaces across all potential platforms and systems. We deliver right-sized requirements management and traceability through the most challenging design problems, and provide test design, planning, execution, reporting, monitoring, and documentation. We facilitate efficient system deployment for both new and modified systems. Our customers rely on us to develop new design concepts, provide upgrades, integrate new systems, or conduct critical testing to close gaps in capability for mission-critical systems including Combat ID, COMSEC, TEMPEST, aircraft structures, and military tactical vehicles.

  • Mission and Systems Engineering

    Mission and Systems Engineering

    Mission & Systems Engineering:

    Today’s technology is complex, networked and heavily interfaced.  These attributes deliver capabilities that could not be imagined a decade ago.  These new capabilities exist within an incredibly dynamic mission environment in which threats and opportunities advance rapidly on a global basis.  This environment makes Mission Engineering one of the key competencies of any engineering support team as changes within systems must consider an ever more complex mission and technology environment.  CDS2 mission engineering specialists develop heuristic guidance for the most complex acquisitions and engineering development projects utilizing advanced requirements elicitation and mission modeling skills and methods.  Our overall Mission Engineering experience reduces the risks of technical project failure, maximizes resource efficiency and increases the likelihood of customer acceptance in the validation or operational test and evaluation (OT&E) phase.  Our Mission Engineering specialists:

    * Enable enhanced project success through clear definition of Mission Objectives

    * Align organizational effort around clear Mission role and responsibilities

    * Increase the usability and effectiveness of systems in the mission environment

    * Improve customer satisfaction with systems capabilities during operational test and evaluation (OT&E)

    * Reduce the risk of technical project failure through advanced requirements prioritization techniques

  • Engineering Studies & Analysis

    Engineering Studies & Analysis

    CDS2 provides in-depth engineering studies and analyses that form the foundation for customer decision-making at the highest levels of engineering program management. Our services include all forms of engineering-related studies, from product market analysis and analysis of alternatives, to detailed material science studies on corrosion prevention and secure communications. We conduct studies across the full product lifecycle, including system concept development, acquisition engineering support, material failure analysis, system performance enhancement, reliability studies, C4ISR capability studies, and mishap analysis.

  • Reverse Engineering

    Reverse Engineering

    Reverse Engineering:

    CDS2 delivers full reverse engineering capability for mechanical, information systems and electronic systems.  Our government customers are often faced with breakdowns in supply chains as systems age or are faced with other evolving mission threats to system performance.  Aging systems often require rapid support to maintain current levels of operational capability and critical systems availability levels.  Our view of mission degradation due to component design or original equipment manufacturer support is based in a long history of Reliability Centered Maintenance and aircraft component manufacturing.  Our engineers provide end to end enhancement of asset availability by identifying mission degrading components and redesigning those components to improve overall improved asset reliability, maintainability and availability.  Our team has reverse engineered or redesigned literally hundreds of aircraft components and electronic systems improving overall asset mission effectiveness through increased asset availability.  Our expertise in reverse engineering extends into countering kinetic, cyber, spectrum and corrosion threats to systems.

    * Experience with full engineering design, computer aided design (CAD), Computer Numerical Control (CNC) programming and operation

    * Reverse engineering capability to improve TEMPEST profiles and control of spurious emissions for facilities and electronic systems

    * Deep experience in Materials Science delivering precise analytics on structural failures and corrosion processes that enable redesign of more robust systems

    * Rapid response to evolving threats that improve system and occupant survivability in the mission environment, including hardening against improvised explosive devices and other kinetic threats

    * Redesign of information systems environments to close vulnerabilities to cyber and spectrum attacks

    * Redesign of platforms and systems to meet mission objectives beyond the capability of the original design

  • C4ISR Systems & Integration

    C4ISR Systems & Integration

    CDS2 provides expertise in C4ISR systems and integrations, including TEMPEST, Combat ID, Sensors, and other complex enterprise-wide communications and mission capabilities. Our engineering and deployment experience includes the following technologies: Electro-Optics, Infrared, Electron Multiplied Charged Coupled Device low light imaging capability, lasers, network information assurance, embedded software development, aircraft and subsystem data bus integration, image and video formats, geo-positioning, EMI, EMC, Type I Crypto, Type III Crypto, Multiband communications radios, IFF with Mode 4 and Mode 5 expertise, and TEMPEST.

  • Infrastructure, Platform and System Service Life Extension

    Infrastructure, Platform and System Service Life Extension

    CDS2 provides several levels of Service Life Extension Technology. Our team defines infrastructure as any major systems investment that supports either Operations or Support activities. In our day-to-day involvement with customer full lifecycle engineering challenges, we engage with unique insight and capability to significantly reduce overall program costs. Our engineers and scientists are constantly seeking new efficiencies and techniques in the effort to continue capable service of expensive infrastructure and systems including vehicles, aircraft, information systems, C4ISR, and structures. Working in a multi-discipline environment, our team has delivered technologies as varied as health monitoring systems for aircraft that allow for condition-based rather than scheduled maintenance, dehumidification techniques that reduce failures of expensive C4ISRand Avionics systems, corrosion modeling, materials failure analysis and mitigation, development of second source supply chains, reverse engineering and fabrication of parts, and data conversion for aircraft maintenance decision support and weapons system budgeting. We deliver these technologies and services to customers including; U.S. Navy, Egyptian Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, U.S. Marines, Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle Joint Program Office, Department of Education, and Joint IED Defeat Organization.

  • TEMPEST and COMSEC Engineering, Maintenance and Inspection

    TEMPEST and COMSEC Engineering, Maintenance and Inspection

    CDS2 supports TEMPEST and Communications Security (COMSEC) certification of systems and databases. We support communications, COMSEC, and TEMPEST liaison between surface, aviation and shore-based activities—in addition to maintaining and providing training for these systems. CDS2 provides superb TEMPEST profile platform integrity, ensuring the protection of classified information and preventing harmful access to classified information systems and networks. We support Type I and Type III encrypted circuits; OTAR; Automatic Link Establishment (ALE); Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) equipment; Voice Privacy; MILSATCOM; Data Link Communications including Tactical Common Data Link (TCDL); and Commercial SATCOM including Commercial KU band, Iridium, and INMARSAT.

  • Reliability Centered Maintenance Conditioned Based Maintenance Studies & Analysis

    Reliability Centered Maintenance Conditioned Based Maintenance Studies & Analysis

    CDS2 RCM professionals understand how maintenance tasks are structured and also understand the discipline necessary to perform maintenance correctly. We conduct failure analyses to resolve component/system problems, and recommend changes to maintenance requirements—such as inspection intervals, overhauls, and maintenance practices—in order to evaluate safety impact, optimize system performance, improve platform system availability, and decrease costs. We review component repair contracts and analyze each vendor’s approach to component repair and aircraft maintenance. We also conduct market research to improve technical concepts and methodologies, saving millions of dollars by identifying component failures before they occur and establishing maintenance processes to deal with failure predictions. We use a proprietary software tool to develop usage forecasts and spares requirements with accuracy above the 85th percentile, resulting in millions of dollars in annual savings.

  • Configuration Management

    Configuration Management

    CDS2 has a proven systems engineering process for establishing and maintaining the physical, functional and performance attributes of changes to hardware, software, and their interfaces for the full lifecycle.  CDS2 specializes in providing configuring management of complex system information and systems changes that contribute to improved capability, performance, reliability, and maintainability or corrects deficiencies and defects; extend life and reduce costs, risks and liabilities.  Our team of experts reach beyond the legacy hardware configuration processes and standard management practices to provide custom developed and tailored processes that meet the specific needs of each customer's products and systems.

  • Integrated Logistics Solution Optimization

    Integrated Logistics Solution Optimization

    CDS2 develops total logistics support solutions. From planning and developing new major programs, to identifying new efficiencies late in program lifecycles, our team of logistics experts incorporates the latest techniques and technologies within the framework of our customers’ policies and infrastructure. We support the introduction and sustainment of materiel systems that meet operational and system readiness objectives (SRO) in current and projected environments, reduce lifecycle cost and cycle length, and reduce redundant program activity. Our holistic approach gives us the ability to address immediate fleet logistics issues, integrate full logistics planning at the beginning of program development, or determine and implement the most appropriate response at any point in the product lifecycle for ships, facilities, aircraft, and information systems.

  • Technical Publications

    Technical Publications

    CDS2 provides graphics and technical documentation support for complex engineering products and systems, including airframes. We pride ourselves in exceptional customer support, dedication to technical accuracy, and attentiveness to standards and deadlines. We create, control, and manage engineering drawings, technical illustrations and other graphics while focusing on document and version control, project management, quality assurance, and managing standards and processes. We observe and implement standards and instructions in accordance with each customer's specific documentation requirements, and are proficient in a variety of standards including the USCG ALC Graphics Style Process Guide, ALC Local Parts for Manufacture, ALC Drawing Control, ASME, S1000D, ISO 9001, Department of Defense and STINFO.

  • Corosion Prevention

    Corosion Prevention

    CDS2 provides a holistic approach in combating the effects of corrosion.  We employ highly trained professionals who support corrosion prevention efforts that include the fields of materials engineering, aerospace engineering, and corrosion prevention advocacy.  As the “tip of the spear” for corrosion prevention for the U.S. Coast Guard’s fleet of over 200 aircraft our personnel provide critical support and management in addressing corrosion throughout the full life-cycle of an asset;

                Acquisition – we provide specific “marinizing” language for inclusion within the asset acquisition process.

                Acceptance – we inspect and provide specific corrosion prevention solutions in addressing gaps in an asset’s delivered corrosion barriers i.e. specialized gaskets, sealants, and coatings.

                Operations – we provide field level corrosion inspection criteria, monitoring of airframe and engine wash water quality, aircraft dehumidification support, and corrosion related repair guidance and quality assurance.

                Depot Level Overhaul – we provide “root cause” investigative analysis, quality assurance reviews of corrosion related repair plans, corrosion related engineering specification reviews, asset corrosion mapping management, and product improvement analysis.  Additionally, we partner with DoD, DHS, FAA, and other industry organizations to capitalize on best practices.

    The combined cost of corrosion for our customer exceeds over $100M annually.  They depend on our ability to identify effective and cost efficient corrosion prevention solutions to improve the operational readiness of their fleet and focus limited personnel and financial resources in support of critical congressionally mandated missions.

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)/ Vulnerability Assessments and Solutions

    Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)/ Vulnerability Assessments and Solutions

    CDS2 provides a wide range of critical infrastructure and vulnerability assessments and solutions.  Built on a foundation of industry and government subject matter experts, we provide comprehensive solutions to an extremely diverse customer base, including DoD, DoT, and other state/local entities.  A company steeped in extensive engineering protocols, the CDS2 infrastructure protection and vulnerability team adds security and intelligence experts to create a “Total Security Management” approach.  This layered approach ensures our clients receive the most objective and thorough assessment, along with the most efficient/most effective list of recommendations.  CDS2 also maintains the ability to conduct a security gap analysis using all of the appropriate DoD and other federal security directives.

     CDS2’s vulnerability and CIP services include:


    • ·         Risk and Vulnerability Assessments (“All Hazards Approach”)
    • ·         Risk Mitigation Plan Development and Implementation
    • ·         Physical Security Assessment
    • ·         Market Research in current Physical Security Product Solutions.
    • ·         Plan of Action and Milestone Schedule Development & Implementation
    • ·         Security Plan Development
    • ·         Security Plan Implementation Support

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