Ultimate responsibility for CDS2 Quality Assurance Program resides with CDS2 President. Our Quality Assurance Program ensures that these policies are understood, implemented and maintained at and by all levels of both the corporate and project organizations. We are committed to supplying our customers with the agreed quantity of specified products and services, free of defects and delivered on time and at the agreed upon prices to ensure continued Customer Satisfaction.


Seaport-e Points of Contact:


Technical & Customer Satisfaction

Barbara Hennessy

Technical Capability/Performance & Customer Satisfaction

Phone: (540) 628-2755

Fax:     (540) 628-2756

Email: bhennessy@cds2.com



Brian Alderson

Prime Contract and Team Subcontract Compliance and Administration

Phone: (843) 552-8025

Fax:     (843) 552-8028

Email: balderson@cds2.com