Development of ALC Classified Facility

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) Aviation Logistics Center (ALC) provides full lifecycle engineering and logistics support for all USCG aircraft.  In recent years, the C4ISR and other avionics systems on USCG aircraft have been radically modified, requiring new infrastructure at the ALC to support maintenance, modification, and overhaul activity on classified tactical data, sensor, and communications systems.

CDSassisted in developing the first Classified space at the ALC by developing requirements, planning, and executing all logistics and design elements.  This Classified space supports fleet overhaul, maintenance, and logistics for classified communications equipment, TEMPEST certifications, and Combat ID on all Coast Guard aircraft.  Our Communications Material Security (CMS) system training and experience was instrumental in preparing the secure space requirements, and also in authoring the draft ALC CMS Memo that successfully established CMS Government positions in response to increased requirements for aircraft COMSEC equipment flow and logistics support.

Our efforts contributed to the construction and certification of a critical Classified Secure facility infrastructure that directly supports TEMPEST surveys and assists in the preliminary engineering, integration, and installation of COMSEC projects.  CDS and Government personnel use the facility on a daily basis to support COMSEC Certifications on all 204 aircraft currently owned or leased by the USCG, and in performing inspections and certifications on COMSEC systems including KY58, KY-100, KG-175, KIV-7, ANDVT, LST-5, and K1-1C systems.  The facility also hosts classified meetings, supports classified systems engineering activity, allows for storage of cryptographic equipment, and stores classified systems that are in transit through the aircraft overhaul and upgrade processes.