JIAMDO Administrative, Financial and ISS Services

CDS2 staff provided flexible, reliable network support to a large number of mission-critical business and office automation applications, supporting the Joint Integrated Air and Missile Defense Organization (JIAMDO) under their contract for Administrative, Financial and Information Systems Support Services;  CDS2’ Information Systems Operations and Maintenance team performs day-to-day operational management of the JIAMDO network infrastructure.  Network service functions included customer problem resolution or elevation of the problem to the COR for resolution, integration of technology upgrades for local unique applications, backup and recovery operations, support for unique software applications and servers, management of customer accounts and accesses, and administration of the local web servers.  CDS2 staff primary responsibility was to provide a seamless infrastructure of networks and services across JIAMDO and linkage to and from other networks.  The Network Administrators proactively monitored service levels for JIAMDO primary business processes beginning daily at 0630 - 1700 hours on normal Government business days.  The business processes are:  e-mail, management systems, remote access, intranet services, Internet access, and file and print services.  The staff was empowered to control processes and manage servers and other equipment at JIAMDO to the extent the IT team considers necessary for enterprise network support.  This ‘preemptive oversight’ is required to "keep the trains running." That is, the IT staff had the responsibility to operate and maintain the computer facilities, hardware, software, and telecommunications capabilities deployed in support of JIAMDO business processes.  Information Systems Operation & Maintenance specifically included: Fault Management, Configuration Management, Performance Management, System Administration, Requirements Analysis, and Network Enhancement.