AIMS Engineering

For the U.S. AIMS Program Office,  CDS2 provides senior engineering support coordinating Combat ID system interoperability for all United States Armed Forces, NATO, U.S. Allies and Coalition warfighters.  AIMS is a short name for Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System Identification Friend or Foe, Mark XII/XIIA System.  Our direct engineering support to the US AIMS Program Office advanced the deployment of the next generation MODE 5 Combat ID systems worldwide, supporting prevention of fratricide in the complex state of combat operations involving multiple nations and warfighting services.  The US AIMS program has oversight and approval authority for the configuration of all US Combat ID systems and CDS2 engineering staff provided direct coupling of US Combat Identification engineering standards with NATO.  CDS2 provided coordination with NATO to ensure that US Combat ID technical standards and NATO technical standards known as Standardization Agreements (STANAGs) provided industry and system integrators precise technical and engineering guidance ensuring global Combat ID system interoperability.   STANAG 4193 defines technical standards that are essential for coordinated NATO and Allied battlefield combat identification operations which is the most critical element of fratricide prevention.

In addition to coordination of US and NATO standards for Combat ID, CDS2 engineering and technical staff provided engineering oversight in the areas of equipment manufacture, platform integration of transponders and interrogators, and coordinated with the US National Security Agency on development and deployment of cryptographic requirements, technologies and logistics supporting Combat ID systems worldwide.  CDS2 engineering staff acted as Lead Test Engineer for Mode 5 Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) upgrades on multiple platforms to include aircraft and surface assets.  We author test plans, create flight cards, conduct ground and flight testing, document deficiencies, and author reports documenting results of complex engineering testing.

We served as the engineering lead for coordination of technical and administrative updates to existing Combat ID specifications and develop new Combat ID and RF specifications. In addition, we participated in authoring ADS-B requirements to the existing IFF specifications on various platforms including but not limited to military aircraft, surface vessels, facilities and tactical vehicles and supervised IFF testing efforts worldwide where directed at locations such as Patuxent River Naval Air Station, Wallops Island Surface Combat Systems Center, Eglin Air Force Base, and at sea.  We served as lead engineer for the AIMS certification effort on an IFF flight line test set equipment and associated crypto, as well as DOD and NATO line test equipment and platform testing which includes a comprehensive evaluation of all system requirements, including spectral mask compliance and interoperability with other RF devices operating in adjacent frequency bands.

Our engineering support included coordination of spectrum issues related to combat ID such as coordinating frequency authorizations with the FAA, the Navy Marine Corp Spectrum Center and other spectrum management offices as required.  CDS2 also participated in working groups with the FAA, DOD, NATO and AIMS to establish guidelines and restrictions for IFF usage for interrogators and test sets.

We are proud to have served our warfighters as the lead support engineer for the AIMS program office, in charge of certification of various IFF systems supporting prevention of fratricide for all US forces, NATO and Allies worldwide.