NPPD Pandemic Webinars

CDS2, in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS), National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD), Office of Infrastructure Protection Planning and Readiness Programs, designed and conducted a series of 12 global Webinars on the DHS Pandemic Flu Awareness initiatives and plans and programs to be implemented in the United States in the event of such a pandemic.  CDS2 designed, tested, coordinated and hosted meetings that ranged in size from 100 to over 1000 participants in the United States and Western Europe.  This effort has direct relevance to the Tasks 2, Project Management, Task 3 Communications, and Task 4 Meeting Support and Facilitation in the RFP for Program Support Services for the Office of Infrastructure Planning and Readiness Programs.

CDS2 conducted a comprehensive review of the communications requirements and developed a Webinar format utilizing a Citrix based system that would provide the capability to present the required graphical displays, the ability to have an ongoing question and answer session throughout the presentation, the ability to poll participants during the presentation, and the collection of statistical and performance information from the polling to judge the effectiveness of the Webinars. 

Working closely with the Office of Infrastructure Development, CDS2 hosted, operated and organized the presentations of speakers at remote locations, assisted presenters who were unfamiliar with Webinars on improved presentation techniques, and directed panelists and other participants during the presentations.  CDS2 proved itself technologically adept at directing feedback to DHS as well as providing questions to subject matter experts using a team of technologically capable professional staff to field and aggregate questions for the presenters.   In addition to hosting the Webinars and providing significant customization of Webinar capabilities required to meet the DHS interactive requirements, CDS2 provided a host of services to the DHS Pandemic Flu Contract.  CDS2 provided:

  • Design layout of DHS Webinar presentation;
  • Coordination, invitation and monitoring of participants activities;
  • Creation of polling activities to answer questions about the Webinar participant demographics as well as their answers to the presenters questions during the Webinar;
  • Statistical and informational reports on registrants and attendees;
  • Direct feedback to DHS on Webinar participant satisfaction;
  • Written reports of all questions and answers;
  • Electronic and DVD archives of Webinar Presentations and makes them available to all stakeholders;
  • Drafts and summary reports to DHS on all facets of the Webinars that includes lessons learned and best practices.