Software Demontration and Deployment

CDS2 as a Value Added Reseller in a Pilot Demonstration Program of “Resolution Manager” with the US Army Information  Technology Agency (ITA); Information Management Support Center (IMCEN).Resolution Manager automatically and proactively detects, diagnoses, and remediates problems for servers and desktops.  Problems include performance, security, policy violations, and in many cases, problems which have not been seen before.  Resolution Manager stores investments made in problem investigation for future re-use.  Once you have solved a problem, it stays solved.  The Resolution Manager solution contains several flexible components which address a variety of configurations: and Agent, Collector, a Database, and an Analysis Engine.  The easily deployed Agent collects and sends close to 200,000 attributes from each computer in the managed population to the centralized Collector.  The Collector then translates each snapshot into a database format for use by the Analysis Engine.  The Analysis Engine automatically creates the statistical Adaptive Reference Model which represents the “normal” configurations of the managed population.  The Analysis Engine checks each snapshot against the Adaptive Reference Model to determine the anomalies.  Pattern Recognition Filters then turn raw anomalies into actionable root cause analysis results.  


Resolution Manager requires minimal administration to create models, check snapshots, and produce filtered results.  However, Policy Templates allow the user to customize the model by forcing a set of requirements into the model.  For example, using Policy Templates to implement corporate IT Security Policies forces the managed population to a required standard rather than accepting the norm that already exists.  Resolution Manager allows USA ITA to establish a baseline characterization of the effort required to resolve a variety of incidents within a representative sample of a managed population mode of operation.  The baseline is used to further measure the impact of Resolution Manager in terms of operational cost savings, and analyze / validate effectiveness in reducing incidents and policy violations.  Both demonstration programs provided a 120 day license (up to 450 licenses) and provides both on-site and remote support and training of Government Network Personnel. 


CDS2 completed two sequential Pilot Programs during a 24 month period ending late February 2007 and demonstrated ROI on software problems alone of less than 3 months.  The Pilot Demonstration Program resulted in a follow-on production contract providing deployment of Resolution Manager across 14,000 desk/lap tops inside the Pentagon (all tenant agencies managed by USA ITA IMCEN).