Telephone Matching

For the US Department of Commerce, Census Bureau Demographic Surveys Division under a prime contract for Matching Telephone Numbers to Addresses to support a Services For American Community Survey; monthly CDS2 match a random sample of addresses provided by the Census Bureau against a database of U.S. addresses to obtain published telephone numbers for as many sample addresses as possible.  The phone numbers were used to allow the American Community Survey program to conduct telephone interviews to confirm the validity of aggregate data and decennial census data.  CDS2 provided the Census Bureau with a file, in ASCII format, of addresses and matched current telephone numbers; routinely processing hundreds of thousands of records each month against a datasets exceeding billions of data items.


CDS2 operated under the strict requirements of Title 13 of the United States Code which protects the confidentiality of the individuals address information.  We performed the processing in an AIX mainframe environment that meets all government security requirements for a system designated as “high-risk” under NIST and FIPS specifications.  A detailed System Security Plan was produced that included complete audits of all aspects of system vulnerability.   The System Security Plan formed the basis for System Certification and Accreditation for final Census on-site audit verification.  Following the matching of the data, all files are returned with data appended, to the Census Bureau and all local versions of the data were destroyed according to Title 13 data destruction requirements.