The CDS2 contract support element at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas supports United States Army Cyber Command/2nd Army (ARCYBER). ARCYBER was established in October 2010 as an operational-level Army force, reporting directly to Headquarters, Department of the Army. ARCYBER is the lead for Army missions, actions and functions related to cyberspace, including the responsibility for planning, coordinating, integrating, synchronizing, directing and conducting Army network operations and the defense of all Army networks. The three primary areas of focus for the CDS2 Cyber CBA Team are to conduct a Cyberspace Operations Capabilities Based Assessment, develop a Cyber Leader Development, Education and Training  (LDE&T) Implementation Strategy, and to develop the first ever U.S. Army doctrine for cyberspace operations. 

 The Cyberspace Operations CBA is an in-depth analytic study to identify the Army’s required capabilities in cyberspace, determine the capability gaps, and develop the Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership & Education, Personnel and Facilities (DOTMLPF) solutions to address the identified gaps.  The DOTMLPF solutions will enable full spectrum cyberspace operations that support Joint and Unified Land Operations. The study encompasses over 60 DoD, Army, Academia and Industry cyber community organizations and over 500 members.

 The team is also supporting the development of a Cyberspace LDE&T Implementation Strategy. During the initial phases of the Cyber CBA, the need was identified to conduct a thorough Training Needs Assessment (TNA) to support the Cyber CBA outcomes and an Army Cyber Training Implementation Strategy. The focus of this Cyber TNA is to review the cyber-related training (LDE&T) occurring across the Army and the joint community.  The assessment also reviews the doctrinal development supporting cyberspace operations across the national, strategic, operational, and tactical levels.

 CDS2 is supporting the U.S. Army in developing the first ever Army doctrine for cyberspace operations.  Building on the foundation provided by Unified Land Operations, the Army’s operational concept, Cyberspace Operations will offer detailed explanations of fundamental cyberspace principles, tactics, procedures, and techniques used by the Army to successfully execute its mission in cyberspace.  It will provide soldiers a shared understanding of the cyberspace domain and guide them in the employment of Army cyberspace capabilities and equities in joint operations. 

In fulfilling these missions, CDS2 analysts:

  • - Conduct rigorous academic research
  • - Solicit, document, and synthesize input from all relevant Army proponents, stakeholders, and activities
  • - Capture the most current thought from the private sector, academia, Department of Defense, and other U.S. Government agencies
  • - Write, edit, and provide graphic support for the documents


Through its efforts, CDS2 will help the U.S. Army create an enduring schema for cyberspace operations that will serve soldiers for years to come.