White House Faith‐Based and Community Initiatives Conferences

Authorized by Executive Order 11246 of January 29, 2001, White House Faith-Based and Community Initiative (WHFBCI) Conferences provided a forum for social service leaders to discuss with Department of Education officials and others how to better coordinate their organizations’ services with similar community efforts, in order to more effectively accomplish shared goals. The conferences were designed to more purposefully and consistently engage faith-based and community groups in state and local education partnerships.

In 2008, CDS2 worked closely with both the Department of Education and the WHFBCI to plan three national events. We coordinated all the necessary vendors, including general logistics of contract negotiation, venue setup and coordination, and food and beverage providers.  We reconciled invoices and payments, designed and implemented event websites, managed the registration database and reporting, arranged speaker lodging and transportation, coordinated exhibit sessions, and provided general assistance to attendees in order to assure the success of the events.

Perhaps most significantly, CDS2 helped support the requirements of each meeting by working closely with the stakeholders involved to ensure successful execution of the events. These stakeholders included the United States Secret Service and advance teams for the Secretaries of Labor, Education, Commerce, Transportation, Homeland Security and members of Congress.  Notables such as President George W. Bush and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger attended the events.