IS Project Directors' Meeting

CDS2 currently supports the U.S. Department of Education’s Institutional Service (IS) Project Directors’ Meeting.  This conference provides technical assistance to all Title III and Title V grantees, provides a venue for all grantees to share promising practices across programs and learn from each other, allows for program-specific meetings, and provides grantees an opportunity to meet with IS Program Officers.

The CDS2 Conference and Event Planning team has provided logistical and management support for the Project Directors’ Meetings for the past two years, with attendance between 800 to 1,000 people and up to 32 breakout sessions. We manage meeting and hotel logistics, speaker travel and honoraria, pre‐registration, database management, registration fee and cost budgeting, onsite registration, and onsite management. We develop customized websites prior to each event that disseminate agendas and travel information, and allow grantees to submit online proposals to present at the conference. This event website also includes details about the conference agenda and location, a real‐time registration page that pre-populates grant numbers and portions of onsite registration, and a real‐time database that collects registration and payment information.  IS Program Officers use a CDS2 administrative website to read, review, and edit the call for participation using an automated online system.