Support of Logistics Transformation

As the United States Coast Guard (USCG) went through Logistics Transformation to solidify configuration management processes across the enterprise, USCG assets were also undergoing major technology upgrades.  The Aviation Logistics Center (ALC) played a leadership role in overall USCG logistics transformation, and assisted in extending the configuration management tools and practices refined in USCG Aviation to the rest of the surface fleet and shore facilities.

CDS2 provided configuration management, professional engineering, technical, and logistics services to the USCG ALC Engineering Services Division (ESD) in support of Logistics Transformation, Aging Aircraft Program, Aircraft Reliability Centered Maintenance Program, ASIP, Airworthiness Assurance and Certification Process, Aircraft TEMPEST/COMSEC Program, Technical Data and Configuration Control Program, and Aircraft Component Manufacturing.  We reformed the legacy cryptographic configuration management within the Coast Guard aviation environment, and also contributed to the development of new processes that ensure compliance with COMSEC functionality and TEMPEST configurations following major aircraft overhaul.  These processes ensure that all classified communications systems function flawlessly after cryptographic systems were reconfigured; and these same configuration management processes also increase the security of Classified information exchanged between USCG aircraft.  Our trainers are deployed across the fleet, providing classroom and hands-on training in the Electronic Asset Logbook (EAL) and the Asset Logistics Management Information System (ALMIS), the primary configuration management tools used to capture configurations, status, and maintenance history for all Coast Guard assets.