MRR Tail Rotor Drive Shaft Viscous Dampener Bearing Removals and Failures

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) Aviation Logistics Center (ALC) provides cradle-to-grave lifecycle engineering for the entire USCG aviation fleet.  The ALC's primary responsibility is to maintain mission-capable readiness for all Coast Guard Aviation Assets.  The USCG’s Elizabeth City facility provides complete overhaul and maintenance for all USCG aviation platforms, and also supports the U.S. Navy, upon request, by sharing information about similar equipment. 

Through our USCG contract, CDS2 was able to assist the U.S. Navy in solving maintenance issues in their H-60 helicopter fleet.  The U.S. Navy was experiencing an unusually high failure rate on tail rotor drive shaft components in this fleet, and requested information about the usage, maintenance practices, failure trends, and supply chain for USCG’s similar helicopter.   After reviewing reliability data captured over a four year period, we analyzed the trend and failure data and provided a detailed report to the US Navy with clear and specific reliability information on USCG H-60 components.  Although the details of the report are classified, RCM impacts various areas including greater cost effectiveness, added safety, improvement of operating performance, as well as extended lifespan for expensive components.