MH-60T MRR Driveshaft Alignment Tool

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) Aviation Logistics Center (ALC) provides cradle-to-grave lifecycle engineering for the entire USCG aviation fleet.  The ALC's primary responsibility is to maintain mission-capable readiness for all Coast Guard Aviation Assets.  The USCG’s Elizabeth City facility provides complete overhaul and maintenance for all USCG aviation platforms.  During a recent aircraft overhaul, the last remaining driveshaft alignment tool for the MH-60T was broken.

CDS2 examined and analyzed the broken tool, and redesigned the alignment tool to provide a more robust and durable solution.  Our skilled CNC Programmers/Draftspersons completed the selection of materials, CNC Processes, Make/Buy cost benefit analyses, specification application, structural integrity, and other processes related to the manufacture of aircraft components parts.  They also created 2D technical drawings and 3D models, managed new concept design projects, produced prototypes using rapid prototyping machine, generated CNC programs using ProEngineer Wildfire, and programmed various automated tooling machines with the necessary quality assurance checks.  We rapidly reverse-engineered the Drive Shaft Alignment tool, manufactured it on-site, and provided the new tool to the production line—resulting in reduced cycle time in the overhaul process.