Market Analysis for the HC-130H Combat ID Upgrade

The HC-130 Product Line provides total life cycle management and overhaul services to the United States Coast Guard (USCG) HC-130H and HC-130J aircraft systems.  The HC-130H Product Line and CG-931 Acquisition Program needed to identify a replacement Combat ID system with an upgrade path to Mode 5 capability.

CDS2 researched multiple vendors for currently available and future cryptographic communications solutions, such as the APX-123 embedded Mode 5 System and the APX-119 Mode 5 System.  We collected data from a number of commercial and Government programs and sources, and then conducted an analysis of alternatives and prepared a solutions matrix that compared the cost-purchase price, warranty, sparing levels, long term support options, and reliability—all criteria that the USCG considers when determining best value.

As a result of our study, the USCG selected the APX-119 with a KIV-77 cryptographic appliqué.  Classified information is limited to the removable appliqué, thus allowing for the normal handling and control of the transponder unit, with minimal costs to maintenance and handling.  We also recommended a common platform that was adapted to ease the transition for USCG fixed and rotary wing aircraft.  The H-60, H-65, and the C-130H were able to complete the upgrade through existing funded modification programs.