ALMIS Upgrades

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) Aviation Logistics Center (ALC) provides total lifecycle management and overhaul services to more than 200 Department of Homeland Security aircraft systems.  ALC Product Line Managers were in need of updated decision support capability to guide their lifecycle maintenance and overhaul decisions. 

CDS2 leveraged years of reliability analysis to recommend system improvements and provide follow-on design and test of updated ALMIS software configurations for Decision Support Systems (DSS) and Electronic Aircraft Logging (EAL).  We also established test criteria, developed test plans, and performed Quality Assurance to facilitate the new configuration release process.  We used the Aviation Computerized Maintenance System (ACMS) and Aviation Technical Information Management System (ATIMS) to collect data that affects decision support and configuration management, and used the Technical Information Repository for eventual conversion to Coast Guard Technical Information Management System (CGTIMS) to maintain configuration management of all aircraft technical publications.  Our recommended changes to ALMIS reporting have resulted in improved standard reporting tools and decision support, requiring less specialized research and analysis and reducing program costs.