Minimum Qualifications Requirements: Minimum of 10 years in aviation EWIS (Electrical Wiring Interconnect Systems) with 5 years being in quality assurance

Education/Degree Required: Associates degree preferably in Technical Management or a Training Discipline

Specific Skills, Training, Certifications: 

  • Strong working knowledge of the NAVAIR 505 series, NAVAIR 509 series, SAE 50881F, MIL-HDBK -522, and MIL-HDBK-525
  • Good working knowledge of EWIS subjects as: Proof of Concept (PoC) prototype, re-engineering, reverse engineering, risk assessment, critically assessment, Technical Data Packages (TDP), IETM/Intelligent Wiring, and S1000D
  • Proficiency in developing and conducting training for all levels of USCG leadership and maintenance levels.
  • Information database management experience.
  • Experience with technical orders.
  • In-depth depot maintenance experience in wire & harness installations/ routing/ clamping, soldering, cannon plug connector terminations, coax connector terminations, and data bus terminations.
  • Strong project management experience.

Good working knowledge of wiring diagrams.Information database management experience. Instructing & instructional material development experience.  Ability to work in an office and industrial environment.

Clearance: Secret

Travel Involved: Limited and Infrequent

Place of Performance: Elizabeth City, NC

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