Duties:  The Senior Research Analyst/Project Director will support the Department of Labor’s (DOL) WIOA State Wage Data System Workgroup Management and Administration (more specifically the State Wage Interchange System (SWIS), previously WRIS and WRIS2). The Employee’s principal duties and responsibilities are:

·        Maintaining a comprehensive project plan.

·        Overseeing administrative functions on behalf of ETA, including maintenance of a database that contains points of contact in each state, e-mail lists, and other correspondence groups used to communicate workgroup information.

·        Arranging for and facilitating biweekly, monthly, quarterly, or ad-hoc conference calls and/or in-person meetings of the workgroup, which consists of representatives from ETA and the participating states.

·        Serving as ETA and the workgroup’s liaison for questions, issues, or concerns regarding state wage data systems.

·        Producing a semi-annual report on group activities, products, and progress.

·        Developing and delivering appropriate state wage data systems training. This may include training on the confidentiality of the data exchanged for users and training/presentations at conferences on maximizing the use of the state wage data for performance reporting.

·        Overseeing administrative functions ensuring that state wage data exchange agreements are up-to-date and an electronic and hard copy file is maintained for each state, including amendments. This task includes coordination activities required to amend the agreement.

·        Updating and maintaining any state wage data systems manuals and other state wage data system documentation and developing new manuals and procedures, as required.

·        Providing oversight of the state wage data systems’ performance and developing appropriate documentation to communicate results and system accomplishments to the system users, investors, and other stakeholders.

·        Serving as ETA’s liaison with the ICON operations contractor, including authorizing access to applicable platforms for state wage data exchange through ICON upon receipt of signed user acknowledgements.

·        Coordinating and conducting Confidentiality Compliance Reviews (CCRs). This task involves: administering and reviewing state self-assessments of confidentiality provisions; conducting on-site visits (minimum of seven (7) states per year); performing assessment follow-ups; creating reports of the state findings; and developing a comprehensive annual report on the findings for distribution to workgroup members. This task is best performed by a team of two—one senior and one junior staff member.

·        Facilitating peer-to-peer networking.

Minimum Qualifications Requirements: At least 6+ years of job-related experience or equivalent. Must also possess a working knowledge of the publicly-funded workforce system, management information systems (MIS), Wage Records and governing laws and regulations, and performance management. Requires excellent written and verbal communication skills; working knowledge of word processing and integrated software applications; and excellent management and organizational skills and ability to perform detail-oriented work.

Education/Degree Required: Bachelor’s Degree

Specific Skills, Training, Certifications: 

Skills must include:  Conducts research and prepares management, organizational, and business analyses related to subject matter. Tracks, processes, produces, and distributes deliverables and monitors comment status. Evaluates trends and project costs completion estimates. Participates in program management reviews and business meetings. Conducts special studies and evaluations. Researches, analyzes problems, and determines element(s) requirements. Collaborates with COR to define, coordinate, and track the status of multidisciplinary task(s) and advises on management, planning, and implementation. Reviews program reports, technical papers, drawings, specifications, procedures, etc., and performs evaluations and reviews; provides comments; consolidates and adjudicates

comments from various organizations; and prepares reports. Prepares program management correspondence (i.e., letters, memos, and route sheets); designs charts, spreadsheets, and presentations; and prepares analytical reports and meeting minutes. 

Travel Involved: May be required at times

Place of Performance: Can be done remotely


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